Launch Plans

Jan 8

Launch Plans

Hello everyone! Good news!

We’re finally ready to release Baum to the world!

On the 21st of January 2016, Baum will be released in 14 (FOURTEEN!?!) languages on the App Store.

Baum Title Screen


Baum will be available on both iPad and iPhone and it plays really well on both. It looks stunning on the iPad Pro too: if you happen to have one lying around.

We’ve updated our website with more up to date information regarding A Fox Wot I Drew and Baum. We will have plenty more stuff to share with you in the lead-up to the 21st.

A huge thanks to every person that has followed us on this journey and to anyone to has ever given us feedback on the game. It’s truly exciting that we’ve made it this far, and we really hope you enjoy playing it.


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