Dan Allan

Operations Director

Dan is our Operations Director, meaning he's responsible for making sure our day-to-day work runs smoothly. This mostly involves remembering about meetings and appointments.

Aside from being the human calendar, Dan is also the lead programmer on most of our work, boasting the most technical experience in games.

After receiving his Honours Degree and Masters from Abertay he went into exile and began to follow a different path. However, a fateful invitation led to Dan returning to programming for Dare To Be Digital. "It'll be something fun to do over Summer".

He's still here.

In his free time Dan enjoys searching the globe for interesting condiments and sauces. If you know of a great chutney, he wants to hear about it.

Kai Creedon

Design Director

Kai is the Design Director for the team. It is his job to make sure that the game mechanics ‘feel’ right as well as spending much of his time building and designing levels for the game.

He has a BA hons in Games Art & Design from Norwich University of the Arts where he met Dom.

After working on several smaller projects with Dom they entered the competition Dare to be Digital, forming the giant, game creating, super-mecha of AFWID.

When he is not feeling up the game mechanics or canoodling the levels, Kai enjoys introducing alternative types of governments into animal communities.

His Anarcho-Socialist rats are doing well.

Dom Littler

Creative Director

Dom is our Creative Director. He is frequently found with stylus in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.

Dom drew the original fox; for which the company is named, something which he now has mixed feelings about.

Being our artist, Dom provides the 2D and 3D artwork fro our games, though he also dabbles in level design. Like Kai, he graduated from the Norwich University of the Arts: Games Art and Design course. His goal in life is to create as many imaginary worlds, people and creatures as his hands will let him.

In his spare time Dom attempts to realise his dream of becoming a bicycle/centaur hybrid.